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On Film: The Evans Mexico Destination Wedding

What better way to practice with your new film camera then shooting a destination wedding in Mexico?!

My goal was so capture the details and all the in between moments on film. I truly believe film adds another layer of emotion and storytelling to a wedding day. I wanted to fully capture the start of a new legacy for Kelsey and Marquis.

They kicked off their event with a vibrant welcome party. You can feel the excitement as friends and family gathered to kick off the festivities. I pulled them aside to catch the sunset which provided an intimate opportunity between Kelsey and Marquis to document the quiet moments of anticipation and preparation.

Finally, on the wedding day itself, the magic unfolded, capturing the heartfelt vows, celebrations, and tender exchanges with an authenticity and timelessness that only film can achieve. Each moment, from the exchanging of rings to the energetic dance floor, was immortalized on film for years to come.

Congratulations to the EVANS!

Shot with Contax T3 Porta 400

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