Now introducing The Sunday Preset – your ultimate solution for effortlessly enhancing your photographs with a touch of elegance and warmth with just a few clicks. Designed for compatibility across all versions of Adobe Lightroom for Desktop, this preset simplifies your editing workflow while elevating your photographs to a new level of sophistication.

Crafted with precision, The Sunday Preset is meticulously tailored to deliver true-to-life colors with a subtle, yet distinct emphasis on muted greens. Whether you're capturing serene landscapes or candid portraits, this preset infuses your photographs with a natural vibrancy.

One of the standout features of The Sunday Preset lies in its ability to delicately balance skin tones, ensuring they remain soft and invitingly warm. 

The softest skin tones and rich in color

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Compatible with all versions of Lightroom CC and Lightroom Classic for Desktop

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The Sunday Preset effortlessly brings out the lushness of green landscapes while ensuring that skin tones exude a gentle warmth and radiance. But what truly sets this preset apart is its versatility. Whether you're shooting outdoors amidst natural light or indoors with artificial lighting, this preset adapts seamlessly to any environment, allowing you to achieve stunning results every time.  Say goodbye to endless tweaking and hello to effortless perfection—this preset is your secret weapon.

Rich greens


Soft skin tones

Hannah Meisch @hannahmarieephotography

"The Sunday preset makes my photos appear timeless! It has elevated my photography! The preset is very consistent and looks great on every session & wedding I capture. It works for all lighting situations!"

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inspired by the warmth of Sunday sunrises
on the shores of Lake Michigan

This collection encapsulates the tranquility of those early morning moments, where the gentle rays of the sun cast a golden glow across the water's surface. With hues reminiscent of the soft pinks, purples, oranges, and yellows that paint the sky at dawn.

the sunday preset pack


The Sunday Preset Pack

Let's see the sunday
presets in action

03. the sunday flash

01. The sunday preset

02. the sunday film

05. the sunday black and white film

04. the sunday black and white

Frequently Asked Questions

The Sunday Preset

You will receive instructions in your download link on how to install your presets. You can also find helpful installation tips HERE!

How do Install the sunday preset to lightroom?

The Sunday Presets are compatible with any version of Adobe Lightroom Classic for Desktop. 

What programs do I need for this preset?

Unfortunately you cannot get a refund since presets are not physical products and they cannot be returned.


We suggest shooting at middle exposure or slightly under. We suggest not blowing out whites and highlights. We have strong tone curves built in our presets and profiles that help retain your highlights like film and give you full flexibility to lift the exposure or shadows to lighten the backup.

What exposure during shooting is best for this preset?

Once you have purchased our presets and downloaded them to your computer, you are responsible for backing up your purchase. We recommend backing them up to an external hard drive, USB drive, or your a cloud service. If you cannot locate your preset files, we will attempt to assist you. However, the links can not be reissued.

What if I lose my presets when changing my computer?

You’ll be sent the presets immediately after purchasing.

When do I get the presets after I purchase them?

The Sunday Preset has undergone extensive testing with numerous camera and lens combinations. Only slight tweaks in white balance/tint and occasional adjustments in contrast are required when transitioning between different camera bodies and lenses.

What cameras work with the SUnday Preset?

Shooting in RAW is HIGHLY recommended as it gives you access to all of the info within the photo and more control when editing. However, our desktop presets will still work for JPEG photos.

I don’t shoot RAW, will the presets still work?

Yes! Send us a link with 1-3 RAW files of photographs you'd like us to test. Be sure to include what preset you'd like to see!
Please send all requests to:

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Sunday Preset Pack

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