“My goal is to help other photographers develop their skills and find their creative voice to lead a successful and profitable business.”

For over 5+ years, Kailee has worked as a freelance wedding photographer. Over the years, Kailee started to feel like something was missing. With a thriving six figure business, Kailee realized the missing piece was sharing her wedding knowledge and expertise with other wedding entrepreneurs. 

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Unlock the keys to the wedding industry and start a profitable wedding photography business you’ve been looking for. Kailee offers 1:1 mentor sessions, a flat lay masterclass, and a real time couples session catered to your specific needs and interests to improve your business and photography skills quickly. Weather you’re just starting your journey or seeking to refine your craft, our coaching will empower you to excel in the competitive wedding photography industry. 

Build a SUCCESSful flaT lay

Attract your ideal clients

Navigate a photography business


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Personalized attention and specialized focus on wedding photography and the wedding industry

Take your client experience to the next level

Includes three 1-2 hour in-depth sessions, pre-mentoring questionnaire, 90 days of communication and guidance. These sessions can be conducted in-person or virtually, based on location and preferences. 

1:1 coaching 

kmp education

The session includes 90 minutes with a real couple. Learn camera settings, lighting, and posing techniques in real time.

Interactive Q+A for immediate feedback



A session in real time

couples session

Includes a 2 hour in person session, portfolio worthy photographs, and take home styling blocks. This masterclass is in person only. 

Style a flat lay that is magazine ready


My hands on approach in real time



Customize your education

Purchase two COURSES and receive $200 off

Purchase entire education course for $1,500

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